Hymns – Episode 29

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

One of the most important parts of worship is the singing of hymns.  So this week I’m going to talk about hymns and the positive effects they can bring into our lives. And nooo… I am not going to sing to you.

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In Christian love, Ken.

One thought on “Hymns – Episode 29

  1. Good morning Rev Ken.
    I loved this walk as it brought back so many memories. It seems your family’s favorites were the same in my family. I miss going to church and singing them. Sam and I still have not found a church here in NC that we feel comfortable in. They are either very Southern Baptist or all the new age music with bands on the alter. But we havent given up yet. All our new neighbors were all raised in the baptist faith which is something you dont see much up North. And we all range in age from Sam and I down to their 20’s.
    Continue singing to Molly I am sure she loves it. We lost our beautiful Cooper last June after 13 years and we miss him terribly. I was so out od sorts not having a dog to love on so a feiend of our from CT ,who had 6 Goldens, gifted us a beautiful 3yr old boy named Eli in January. It was truely a gift from the heart. He has helped to mend our hearts after the loss of Cooper.
    Love listening to your voice and sorry it has been a while since I messaged. But dont worry, I am always listening.
    Hugs to Dale, Molly and yourself. May God Bless.
    Joyce Prescott


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