After fifty-six years of service in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, I have had to retire from being a full time pastor. However, I am still a pastor inside my heart and wish to continue my ministry in a different form.

Years ago, I hosted a radio program called Walk To Woodside Chapel. For ten years, I would speak about some subject as the radio listener walked to the Chapel with me on Sunday mornings.

With the help of Chris Horvath, I am establishing a web site where you, if you wish, can walk with me on a daily or weekly basis.

My ministry has been based on three basic ideals in my life – a strong and committed love of our God and our Lord Jesus Christ – a belief that the most important aspect of life is to love others and lastly – a strong desire to tell stories that hold truth and meaning.

So if you wish to walk with such a person, you are welcome to follow me as I begin a new ministry on the Internet. As this is a new form of ministry, I am not sure where it will lead, but with God’s blessing, I hope it may be an influence for good in a time of insecurity and turmoil.

Ken, me, was ordained a pastor in 1960. I graduated from Tufts University and Boston University School of Theology. The parishes I began my ministry in West Boxford, MA for one year; then four years in North Reading, MA; six years in Westwood, MA; then three years in Concord, NH where I suffered a heart attack at age 38 and left the active ministry for a year. (Now, there is a story.) I returned to ministry in Attleboro, MA for fourteen years, then sixteen years in Cumberland, RI. Semi-retiring (so I thought), my wife and I began Candleberry Chapel in Attleboro and served that church for eleven years. My tasks became more difficult as my health changed, and it was necessary for me to retire to Hopkinton, New Hampshire from where I write you now. There are many stories to be told from those years of ministry -a life journey- and I would like to share them with you.