Religious Differences – Episode 28

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

This week, I reminisce about listening to programs on the radio as a child, some that scared me and my siblings, and some that my parents certainly didn’t approve of.

I also discuss a book I recently finished about the life of Jack Benny, who I used to listen to on the radio. In this book there was a quote by his daughter Joan that stayed with me, “It’s important to one’s education to know all about the world’s religions and beliefs, not just your own”.

I think it’s time for us in this country to recognize our religious differences and be tolerant and understanding of each other. My faith is the Christian faith.  I believe Jesus is my Savior and he taught me what God is like… loving, forgiving, accepting of me and my humanity.  Through my love for Jesus, I have sought to bring his teachings to others.  But as I was taught in seminary that can only be done with love, never ever by condemnation.  I wish our schools could teach our children the basics of the predominant religious beliefs of the various people of our nation.  It is overdue for us to be at peace with each other.  Let us begin with respect and knowledge of other’s religious beliefs, and to love each other.

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In Christian love, Ken.

2 thoughts on “Religious Differences – Episode 28

  1. Pastor Boyle,
    What a beautifully wonderful walk this was. Since I am 63 I am too young to remember what it was like to listen to stories on the radio. I do remember Jack Benny on TV though and my parents laughing as we watched him. When I was growing up as a kid, my three sisters and myself always kissed our parents good night and goodbye. Some people thought it was strange, but to me, it was strange not to and we did this until my parents passed away. I miss them so much and I long for another hug from them. Every Sunday after church when we were kids, our family would get together and have a big Sunday dinner. I miss my childhood. Life was so good then. The world is a different place now. Your podcasts
    bring me great joy and are a pleasure to listen to. Thank you so much, I appreciate you. God Bless you abundantly.
    Marilyn (Rivet) Renaud


  2. Hi Ken! I get so discouraged with the “ME FIRST” attitudes and way of living lives that has overtaken so much of our world today. What ever happened to Love One Another? Why can’t people accept others and trust that God is with them even if they look different, believe differently and have other points of view? I have always believed that the bottom line is to love one another as He has loved us as well as “judge not lest ye be judged”.

    On the brighter side, I do remember Ed Sullivan, Jack Benny and Art Linkletter shows that we’re family shows in our home. Oh! And I can’t forget my dad’s favorite, The Lawrence Welk show!

    Until the next walk, I’ll be praying for tolerance, love, acceptance and leaving all judgment to God.

    Love you all!


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