Being Alone – Episode 23

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

Being alone to reflect is important, but this walk would be worth nothing if I walked it alone. It means everything because you walked it with me. I like being alone, but not better than when you are able to walk with me here, wherever we are led, by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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In Christian love, Ken.

2 thoughts on “Being Alone – Episode 23

  1. Pastor Boyle, I can say that I enjoyed being alone at Four Corners Chapel early in the morning on Sunday, preparing the communion elements, turning on the lights, unlocking the doors, starting the coffee in the kitchen downstairs, even shoveling snow in the wintertime. You are right, it was more satisfying working with Norm Bruck (our Sexton) in those early mornings. Norm was a bundle of energy and his wife , Louise, was there too putting things in order for the upcoming Church services. There were times during the week when the Trustees, Deacons, Choir members and Sunday School teachers at the Chapel for their meetings. And of course our Pastor was there too. It was fun to see everyone during the week. There was laughter, friendship, and caring thoughtfulness filling the Chapel’s meeting rooms and hallways. I do miss the times you and I spent at the Chapel. There were times after the Sunday services, I remember spending time with you in your office. Everyone else had left the Chapel and gone home. We spoke about the Chapel, our personal lives, and our families. The memories are strong and powerful.
    Serving God brings one closer with God and it joins your life with the lives of other Christians. Amen.


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