My Christmas Letter To You – Episode 21

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

It was my prayer at each and every marriage ceremony that the couple united by God would have a life lasting and a happy relationship. I do not receive the hundreds of Christmas cards I once received from the couples I married, but since moving to New Hampshire five years ago, I have not sent Christmas letters to the couples either. It is my hope that this walk and podcast will express that letter in the spoken, not written word, to them… and to you.

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In Christian love, Ken.

One thought on “My Christmas Letter To You – Episode 21

  1. Oops! Wrong year in my 1st post (corrected below) Hope I don’t get in trouble with the Mrs.!

    Thank you so much Ken for this wonderful Christmas greeting. Your words, as always, ring very true! You performed our beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony at Candleberry Chapel in July of 2010. Even though we are many miles from the snow of NH and the warmth of your stove, you and Dale and all of the Candleberry Family will be forever in our hearts! God bless!
    Pete & Wendy Dublanica
    Zihuatanejo, Mexico


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