Update on Ken Boyle

Hi Everyone, This is Chris Horvath. I help Ken with his podcast and his website. Unfortunately, Ken has spent some time in the hospital over the past couple of weeks. He is home now and recovering, but he is not able to do his regularly weekly podcasts yet. Please keep him in your prayers and hopefully he’ll be back to sharing his wonderful stories that we all love so much very soon.

19 thoughts on “Update on Ken Boyle

  1. Prayers not for a speedy, but for a full recovery. You’ve given us so much of your time and prayers – please take your time and OUR prayers to heal ❤️🙏🏻
    The Hopgood (Alam) family

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  2. Hi Rev. Boyle, Sorry to hear you had to spend time in the hospital but glad to hear you are now home! Sending healing prayers your way! Hope to have you back on the podcast soon!

    Suzanne Basich Tampa, FL

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  3. Ken is an inspiration- a gift to us all. I haven’t been in his presence for years, but he always remains in our hearts.
    Healing prayers for Dale and our forever friend.

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  4. Please let Ken know that he and Dale are in our thoughts and prayers. May he experience powerful and restorative healing…and Dale receive strength and wisdom while providing care at home.

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  5. Thanks for the update Chris Horvath.

    I am praying for Dale and Pastor Boyle!

    May God’s healing power be present in your lives at this time. May God’s love overshadow you, surround you, and protect you. May He keep you and bless you always. In the Master’s name we pray. Amen.


  6. Reverend Boyle,
    You remain in my thoughts as you have always been for over 45 years. The very foundation of my faith was built by your messages. Through my marriage,
    my children’s baptisms and confirmations, your brilliant light and calm spirit have added inspiration and special meaning like no other pastor could have. I thank you and with love in my heart I wish you renewed health and continued happiness with your wonderful Dale.


  7. What a testament that you touch these people so, Ken! And I know in my heart this is a small sample of people you’ve guided along the path….in our walk together with our heavenly father by our side. We are blessed to share a bit of our earthly journey together – somehow you have the ability to share a bond with many people – what a gift! Life is a challenge but is great, God surely is great, and you and Dale are a treasure as well. Be well, and thanks so much for the priceless gifts you give. We surely pray to hear more of your thoughts.


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