Hospital Trips and the Beauty of Our Faith – Episode 58

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

Just before Thanksgiving, Dale broke her arm carrying firewood and I started having trouble with my breathing for which I ended up in the hospital. All of us have times when we are ill and need the help of others. It’s then when we see the beauty of our faith and Christian kindness.

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In Christian love, Ken.

3 thoughts on “Hospital Trips and the Beauty of Our Faith – Episode 58

  1. Hi Reverend Boyle. I just wanted to drop in for a quick hello. You married my husband and I in 2002. We used to send cards and photos but lost contact a few years ago. We are great and think of you often. We celebrated our 20th this year and our 3 boys are now 18, 16 and 13. Wishing you wellness. Merry Christmas!
    With love, Stacey and Matthew Phok married 5/4/02.


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