Printer Frustrations, Charlie, and the Jolly Green Giant – Episode 49

Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast

This week I talk about my printer frustrations, Charlie, and the Jolly Green Giant.

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In Christian love, Ken.

One thought on “Printer Frustrations, Charlie, and the Jolly Green Giant – Episode 49

  1. Ho Ho! I could not help but laugh at your “PRINTER” and “STORE” woes. I think it is such technology that puts those nasty 4-letter words to good use! I have had the same issues with both printer and computer often. And now, BEST BUY, from whom I purchased my computer DOES NOT CARRY THE PRINTER INK I NEED. Ah…for the good old days, eh? Technology is supposed to make life SO much easier…so “they” say. But I continue to enjoy your walks and your reflections on life and Christian values. You provide reflection AND a degree of comfort in your words and presentations about life. Thanks! And we both agree thay remembering and recognizing the good people in our lives is an important thing to do…for their sake, but more importantly, for ours as well. I hope you rceived the copy of my talk on August 20th…I am sure you could relate to it easily. Best Always, my Friend…


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