Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast – Finding Friends

Fall is in full swing up here in New Hampshire. There is no place in my imagination I’d rather be this time of year. It’s my favorite season that leads right into the holidays.

This week I talk about friendship. One of the most difficult lessons in life is that not everyone will like you and that you can not please everyone. Even Jesus Christ, the kindest, most wonderful person who ever lived had enemies. But he also had dedicated friends who loved him dearly.

When you strive to be a Christian, you seek to be like Jesus. Sure we all fail at times, but when our hearts are filled with the love of God, our world becomes a wondrous world filled with love, and kindness, and loyal wonderful friends. Want to know where you can find friends like this? Listen to this podcast and I’ll tell you.

Listen to our walk on friendship now

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In Christian love, Ken.

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