Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast – A Lot of Questions

I ask a lot of questions today while remembering a letter I received from “Maria” years ago that I still remember to this day. Have you ever thought about how your words and kindness have held someone together in a difficult time? Do we change people’s lives with our Christian faith and not even realize it? Are we not supposed to be God’s hands on earth to be there in times of adversity to comfort one another? The best gift we can give is our love and the love of Jesus.

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In Christian love, Ken.

2 thoughts on “Walk With Ken Boyle Podcast – A Lot of Questions

  1. I”m joining you for a “hobble”.
    Thank you for your words as I love hearing the real you speaking to us all. The too few times we heard you speak left a life time impression on our family.
    Sending you our blessings,
    Mark and Charlene (part of the McCarthy Family)


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