Christmas Letter 2019 – Walk With Ken Boyle XCI

How memories come alive at Christmas time. One of my favorite pastimes this time of year is to listen to old time radio. As a family, when I was growing up, we would listen on Sunday evenings to the Jack Benny Show and The Great Gildersleeve.  After all, we did not have television as children and to have your own radio, a plug in one, was a wonderful treasure. Listening to the radio your imagination could picture unseen actions. It was not difficult to imagine the Shadow as being invisible or to witness Jack Benny driving a store salesperson to his or her wits end.

Our Christmas tree was set up on Christmas Eve as Santa was the one to decorate it. Many ornaments might have been broken by the fourteen hands of seven children.

But memories also go back to recent times and to my ministry before I retired. I miss the full time ministry so very much but there is no question that I am now hampered by my health. However, I have had some contact with many of my beloved past parishioners through my website That truly means a great deal to me.

Chris Horvath, who kindly oversees the website has renewed it and awaits my writing again. As of the New Year I am going to do my best to walk with you once a week. I hope you will join me again on our walks.

Looking over my life I have been so blessed to have known so many wonderful people in the churches I have served. I think of the hundreds of baptisms and marriages, and funerals and services that I have officiated at; perhaps I can no longer officiate at sacred events but I can walk with you in imagination through the written word as once as children we listened to the radio.

To all the couples I have joined together may God’s blessing be with you. To all the babies who have grown from infancy to adulthood you are not forgotten by an elderly pastor. To all the churches I have served God bless your present pastor and know that you too are not forgotten in a former pastor’s memory.  Those who just come upon this walk with a man named  Ken Boyle, find a new friendship.

Wishing all of you a Blessed Christmas and a joyous, fulfilling New Year.  I look forward to walking with you again the first week of the new year and through the year to come!

In Christian Love,

Ken Boyle


7 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2019 – Walk With Ken Boyle XCI

  1. Have a wonderful holiday and know how many hearts you have touched. As I spend wonderful times with family my heart is filled with memories of years past. The memories of loved ones and events of the past fill my heart and nourish my soul. Please know that you are very much a part of those memories. Love and hugs to you both. Shirley

    On Sat, Dec 21, 2019, 12:26 PM Walk With Ken Boyle wrote:

    > Ken Boyle posted: ” How memories come alive at Christmas time. One of my > favorite pastimes this time of year is to listen to old time radio. As a > family, when I was growing up, we would listen on Sunday evenings to the > Jack Benny Show and The Great Gildersleeve. After all” >


  2. Wonderful to see your letter today. Sam and I also miss our Chapel family and hearing your stories. This Christmas is special as we will celebrate Christmas with the Felt family in our new home in NC. We have so many blessings to be thankful for as Strider continues to grow and remain medically stable. He truely is a very strong Heart Warrior.
    Merry Christmas to you, Dale and family. Happy New Year!!
    Love, Joyce and Sam Prescott


  3. We miss you both so much. I drove by the house today, they don’t decorate like Dale did. Time moves on. We will be looking for a smaller place come spring. Too much to handle. The church is looking for a new minister again. And life goes on. The grands are getting too old. Again we miss you. We wish you the healthiest, happiest Christmas. I am so glad God brought you Dale and vice versa. Love, Joyce and Ted Moxham


  4. How wonderful to be on a Walk with you again. I have missed that for many months. I moved from Plainville (next to to Glenn & Lisa) where I sometimes went to Candleberry Chapel. Now I live up in Lincoln, MA, near Concord & Lexington. As a widow, I did not want to spend Christmas alone, so will be starting a Road Scholar program “Christmas in Savannah” tomorrow afternoon. Now to decide which church to attend tomorrow morning. There sure are lots of them in this historic, beautiful city.
    My warmest Christmas wishes to you and Dale, and may the coming year be blessed as well.


  5. Reverend we have missed our walking with you but clearly understand that health can play havoc with what one can and cannot do at times. Glad to hear you hopefully are now on the mend. Chrys and I will be thinking of you fondly as we do Ave Maria to start the Xmas Eve service and then close it out with Silent Night followed by Nunc Dimitus. We too love tradition that we shared with you at Candleberry Chapel. Wishing you, Dale and Molly a very Merry and Happy Christmas and New Year.


  6. I have missed these walks Pastor Ken, thank you for this post. Yesterday I had your book in my hands, “Samuel Jackson’s Rocking Chair”, I want to be sure it is out to read to my granddaughter when she is over to celebrate this incredible and important Holiday. You and Dale are not forgotten my friends, we miss you always and continue to pray for God’s blessings in your life.

    Peace and Love,


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